Local Support for thosewhose lives are affected by Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK. If you have been recently diagnosed, awaiting treatment, undergoing treatment or have received treatment then why not come along to one of our meetings. We would be pleased to see you.


• We talk to individuals and members of their families who would like to know more about what it is like to live with prostate cancer.

• We hold meetings with invited specialists who talk to us about a range of prostate cancer issues.

• We also host social evenings and events with a very relaxed atmosphere.

• We promote awareness and discussion of prostate cancer by our presence at local events.


The Llangollen based Group was set up just under 10 years ago to welcome members from the Dee Valley, Denbighshire, Shropshire and Wrexham areas. Our main aims are:-

• To offer confidential non-medical information and support to men, their partners and families affected by prostate cancer based on our experiences.

• To raise awareness of the consequences of prostate cancer and to encourage men to seek early diagnosis.

We meet monthly on the third Wednesday of the month at 2.00pm in the Hand Hotel, Llangollen. Meetings last no more than 2 hours. They are very informal and are used to share experiences and to learn more about the condition and new treatments available.

All members of the Group are at various stages of treatment. Some have just been diagnosed while others have had the condition for many years. We meet to support each other, share experiences and to listen to expert opinion and information from Urology Consultants, Specialist Nurses, Equipment Providers and Pharmacists.


Learning that you have cancer is a massive shock. People like us who have had, or still have, prostate cancer are very aware of the impact of a new diagnosis.

We understand how it affects patients and their families. A lot of men are reluctant to talk about medical conditions or to seek help and support, even when faced with such a life-changing experience. However, many men find they gain a lot of comfort, confidence and encouragement from talking to other men who are either living with or who have been cured of prostate cancer.

• Any contact with us is treated in the strictest confidence and we respect people’s wishes to have as much or as little contact with us as they want.

• We are happy to talk to people face to face, on the phone or email.

• Don’t face prostate cancer on your own – we are all survivors, so come and join us.